Hostile Design — what’s the role of intention? [...]

Rough notes:

Design can become hostile when it is a design gets in the way of my own goals or needs.

This can be intentional on the part of the designer, or unintentional; when the goals of the designer inadvertently block the goals or needs of a user.

discussion about conflict between the security shortcomings of an application (Google Docs) and the security needs expressed by "the institution" and resulting design hostility that prevents an educational goal.

example of when an application does not support accessibility. but not intentionally set up as a hostile design decision.

Another tack on this: Coercive design vs. persuasive design

While a persuasive design seeks to influence behavior and attitude change in an open manner, where users have a clear and free choice, coercive design seeks to manipulate the users into taking action or changing attitudes.

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