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Summer is fast upon us and soon our campuses will be teeming with language learners and teachers from all over the country and globe. It’s my favorite time of year at Middlebury! Since many faculty, staff and students in Middlebury’s Language Schools are only involved with academic life in our institution for the summer, it is important we take extra measures to orient Language School personnel to Middlebury’s many digital tools and technologies which can support their learning and teaching.

With this post, the Office of Digital Learning provides our readers with a quick, comprehensive list of digital learning resources which will greatly simplify the task of orienting summer faculty, students, and staff to the technologies available to them while at Middlebury and Mills. These tools are optional resources for all Middlebury Language Schools personnel.


The ODL’s Sean Michael Morris designed two simple, clear and comprehensive online courses to orient new users to Middlebury’s Learning Management System called Canvas LMS. The courses are written within Canvas, so that users can have the opportunity to learn about Canvas while they use the tool in a very hands-on way.

Both courses are free and open to the public—users only need Middlebury credentials in order to access them. This means that Language Schools’ personnel who do not yet have their Middlebury username and password will need to activate their account at After that, they can take them at any time and from anywhere. The courses are self-guided, enabling users to get to know Canvas when and how they want.

Canvas Canvas is a course written specifically for teachers, and includes clear instructions for how to set up a course and use the various teaching tools.

Canvas Orientation is a course written specifically for students, and includes clear instructions for how to navigate and participate in a Canvas course.
For more information about Canvas at Middlebury, we invite you to visit the new Digital Middlebury Canvas Page. For help or support with Canvas, please send an email to:


Zoom is Middlebury’s official videoconferencing tool. Language Schools personnel can use Zoom to digitally connect with individual students, whole classes, guest teachers, writers, and others. Zoom is simple to use, and accessible using a computer camera, a webcam, or a phone’s camera. Zoom meetings allow users to share slides from their desktops, create small group meeting rooms, and more.

Users with Middlebury credentials can access Zoom at any time. New users can create a account by visiting Zoom where they can sign-in with Middlebury credentials.

For more information about Zoom, visit the new Digital Middlebury Zoom Page. Users can also view helpful tutorials in the Zoom Help Center. For help or support with Zoom, please send an email to:

Course Hub

The Course Hub is a quick way for teachers to link course materials such as blogs, electronic reserves, articles, wikis, and sites in one location so that the resources are easily found by students. All teachers and students with Middlebury credentials can access Course Hub at Teachers can add resources to Course Hub by clicking on “Add a Resource” after logging in.

For more information about Course Hub, we invite you to visit the new Digital Middlebury Course Hub Page. For help or support with Course Hub, please send an email to:

Tech Orientation Slide Decks

Many faculty, staff, and students from the Language Schools attend in-person tech orientations once they arrive at Middlebury or Mills. The tech orientations usually include information about how to retrieve Middlebury credentials, how to access Middlebury email, how to join Middlebury wifi networks, and how to print from Middlebury printers. Attendees also receive training on the use of Canvas, Course Hub, and Zoom. Please view our complete slide decks below for the in-person tech orientations at both Middlebury and Mills.

For more information about these or other technology preparations for Language Schools personnel, we invite you to visit the new Digital Middlebury Language Schools Page. For help or support, please send an email to:


Digital Support for the Language Schools


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