This Week in ODL: Jun 5-9, 2017

Welcome to This Week in ODL, a weekly blog series published by the Office of Digital Learning through which we provide readers with the latest developments in the projects and learning experiences under development at our office. With this post, we highlight this week’s news for your review and feedback. Remember to check back next week for the latest updates on our work!

Publication of Sean Michael Morris’ Domains 17 Presentation

On June 5, Sean Michael Morris published the contents of his Domains 2017 presentation on his personal blog, Sean Michael Morris: Critical Pedagogy, Critical Instructional Design, Social Justice. As noted in last week’s This Week in ODL, Domains 17: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities, co-hosted this year by the University of Oklahoma and Reclaim Hosting, is an annual educational technology conference focused on institutional initiatives to support individual web domains, better known as Domain of One’s Own. Domains of One’s Own is a project born out of the University of Mary Washington in 2012, which has since been adopted by more than 40 colleges and universities. At Middlebury, the Domain of One’s Own project is supported with MiddCreate.

Sean delivered his presentation this week at Domains 17. In his session, entitled If bell hooks Made an LMS, Sean looked critically at learning management systems in general as well as at the Domains initiative. Sean suggested that both teachers and learners must approach the classroom from a place of flexibility, willing to see the encounters, exchanges, interactions, and relationships that develop in a classroom as dynamic. We invite you to read Sean’s presentation in its entirety here.

Amy Collier, Evelyn Helminen, and Tim O’Leary at Domains 17

Evelyn Helminen, Amy Collier, Tim O’Leary

Speaking of Domains 17, joining Sean Michael Morris this week at the conference are Amy Collier, Associate Provost of Digital Learning; Evelyn Helminen, Assistant Director for Digital Initiatives at the Digital Learning Commons; and Tim O’Leary, Technology Support Specialist for Addison Central School District and Instructional Designer and Lead Teacher for Vermont What’s the StoryTim O’Leary is delivering a talk entitled Blurring Virtual and Experiential Lines in K-12 for Positive Social Change and Reflective Learning. Amy Collier and Evelyn Helminen are attending the conference as participants.

The Office of Digital Learning is thrilled to share the company at this important conference of fellow colleagues and scholars in the field of digital pedagogy!

Language School Faculty Tech Orientations

Over the next month, the Office of Digital Learning will be heading up several technology training sessions for Middlebury’s Language Schools faculty. The training sessions, designed by the Academic Technology Group, are intended to assist Language School faculty and staff by orienting them to Middlebury’s library system, helping them to utilize their Middlebury credentials to access email, and make meaningful use of pedagogical tools such as Course Hub and Canvas while they teach at the Middlebury language programs. Both Sean Michael Morris and Sonja Burrows, Instructional Designers at the Office of Digital Learning, will be leading curricular technology trainings for language program faculty located at the Middlebury campus as well as the Mills campus. We look forward to continuing to hone these trainings in order to even better meet the technology needs of Language Schools faculty and staff!

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