This Week in ODL: June 26-30, 2017

BreadCast Launch

The Bread Loaf Teacher Network, in conjunction with MiddCast and the Office of Digital Learning, recently launched BreadCast, a podcast series that invites listeners to enjoy pieces developed in Bread Loaf contexts.

In his book Writing to Be Read and in thousands of interactions with teachers and writers, Bread Loaf Professor Ken Macrorie shared his conviction that writing read aloud is writing brought alive. Listeners of BreadCast are invited not only to listen but also to comment and submit their own writing to be read aloud for future podcasts in the series.

In the first episode, entitled “Thump, Thump”, Alfredo Lujan, teacher, writer, and Bread Loaf Santa Fe’s Assistant to the Director, discusses and enacts the power of voice. He reminds us to tune our ears, to listen with all our senses, for a style, tone, and personality that work.

We invite you to enjoy the first episode and to learn more about BreadCast here.

Technology Orientation in Russian

Last week, the Office of Digital Learning organized a technology orientation for faculty at this year’s School of Russian conducted entirely in-language by Alexander Rojavin (better known as Sasha), a bilingual assistant with the program. Sasha patiently and effectively walked Russian faculty through the orientation, guiding them through the process of accessing their Middlebury credentials, connecting to the Middlebury wifi network, printing, accessing and using Course Hub, and setting up Canvas LMS successfully.

The Summer Language School technology orientations are typically conducted in English. This year, the ODL hoped to more specifically target the needs of attendees at the Russian School orientation by supporting Sasha’s delivery of the training entirely in Russian. We are pleased to announce that by the end of the session, all of the attendees had managed to orient themselves successfully to the tools and technologies available to them at Middlebury. Kudos to Sasha for performing remarkably well as a tech trainer!

Our intention is that future technology orientations with which we are involved at the Language Schools be conducted in-language so as to more effectively meet the needs of attendees. To access more information about technology orientations for the Summer Language Schools, we invite you to peruse this post from our blog.

Russian In-Language Site Launch

This week, the School of Russian officially begins using their in-language MiddCreate site. The in-language site is a digital space designed by the Office of Digital Learning for the School of Russian in which all of the content (both on the front and back ends) is in Russian. The purpose of the site is to enable students to stay connected to events, activities, and announcements in-language so that they can further their language-learning studies and not have to worry about breaking the Language Pledge by accessing information in English.

The shell for the site was created by the ODL, but the content and maintenance of the site is in the capable hands of Alexander Rojavin, bilingual assistant from the School of Russian.

We invite you to visit the Russian in-language website here.

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