This Week in ODL: May 29 – Jun 2, 2017

Welcome to This Week in ODL, a weekly blog series published by the Office of Digital Learning through which we provide readers with the latest developments in the projects and learning experiences under development at our office. With this post, we highlight this week’s news for your review and feedback. Remember to check back next week for the latest updates on our work!

Amy Collier to Keynote at Camp Open

On Thursday, June 1, Amy Collier will deliver a keynote address at Camp Open at Plymouth State University. Camp Open, an event at the 6th Annual University System of New Hampshire’s Academic Technology Institute (ATI), will focus on Open Education.

In her keynote address, Amy will discuss the ways in which openness is not an indisputable educational virtue, nor the opposite of closed-ness. Amy will also discuss critical lenses that can deepen our understanding of open education, as well as how the concept of not-yetness, developed with her colleague Jen Ross in 2013, can embrace the complexity and boundary-crossing that happens in open education and help to create new approaches to openness.

Amy will be joined by two other keynote speakers at Camp Open: Robin DeRosa of Plymouth State University, and Rajiv Jhangiani of Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver.

Sean Michael Morris Prepares for Domains 17

Next week, Sean Michael Morris will present at Domains 17: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities, co-hosted this year by the University of Oklahoma and Reclaim Hosting. Domains is annual educational technology conference focused on institutional initiatives to support individual web domains, better known as Domain of One’s Own. Domains of One’s Own is a project born out of the University of Mary Washington in 2012, which has since been adopted by more than 40 colleges and universities. At Middlebury, the Domain of One’s Own project is supported with MiddCreate.

In his session, Sean will invite participants to think through how the work of Critical Pedagogy, and bell hooks in particular, sits (both comfortably and uncomfortably) with learning on the web. Sean suggests that what we need are platforms that encourage agency from their inception, pedagogical approaches that encourage students to build sites for their own learning. The pedagogy baked into Domain of One’s Own initiatives is utterly different from the pedagogy of a traditional Learning Management System.

In his talk, Sean notes that one of the problems with learning management systems is that they assume students, teachers, (and their experiences) are interchangeable. Yet syllabi, lesson plans, and assignments cannot be expected to work exactly the same with every set of students, with every teacher, or on every given day. Sean suggests that both teachers and learners must approach the classroom from a place of flexibility, willing to see the encounters, exchanges, interactions, and relationships that develop in a classroom as dynamic. Learning management systems stand as an immediate affront to this kind of classroom.

Associate Provost of Digital Learning in Memorial Day Parade!

It’s Amy Collier and family!

Who is that marching with Sam the dog?

On March 29, Middlebury’s own Associate Provost of Digital Learning made an appearance marching with her family in the annual Memorial Day Parade. The Memorial Day Parade is a May highlight each year in the town of Middlebury, VT, featuring many local groups such as youth sports teams, school marching bands (including notable trumpet and piccolo performances by the offspring of ODL staff), volunteer fire fighters, and more. The Memorial Day Parade is a time when residents of Middlebury and environs come together to honor and remember those who died in active military service. The Parade is also a chance for local groups to showcase their accomplishments, civic engagement, and active involvement in their communities. Thanks to Amy for helping Middlebury College to make an appearance!

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