This Week in ODL: Oct 2-6, 2017

ODL’s First Green Screen Video Shoot

Plans are well underway for the ODL’s first green screen shoot, which is scheduled for October 10. We have embarked on an exciting project to create a set of instructive Hindi pronunciation videos to support students preparing to study abroad in Delhi. The video will capture footage of Vinita Tripathi — Director of the School in India — as she instructs beginning Hindi students in the pronunciation of the letters of the Hindi alphabet.

This video — which will be shot by Joe DeFelice of Media Services and supported by Sonja Burrows of the Office of Digital Learning as well as Bill Mayers of Study Abroad — represents the first of what we hope will be many collaborative language-learning videos created by our office to support students at various levels of language proficiency. The ODL’s mobile green screen materials can be taken to various locations around campus and put to use for the creation of animations to support student learning.

Amy Collier Meets With SCEC  – Brown Bag Lunch Program

This week, Amy Collier will meet with SCEC (Student Creativity, Engagement, and Careers) as apart of their ‘Brown Bag’ lunch program to discuss topics such MiddCreate and digital literacy. The Brown Bag series is a lunch-time meeting for staff in the SCEC areas. Student Creativity, Engagement and Careers, through a range of programs, provides opportunities to Middlebury students for engaged learning where students have the chance to develop skills and qualities that will prepare them for a range of future challenges and opportunities.  SCEC believes that leadership, empathy, creative thought, intellectual risktaking, and intercultural understanding are all part of a Middlebury education.

To make this happen – on campus and beyond – Middlebury supports several programs around creativity, engagement and career preparedness. Some of these programs include the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI), Center for Community Engagement (CCE) and Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE).

On Retreating from Social Media: Blog Post by Sonja Burrows

Last week, the ODL’s Sonja Burrows published a blog post in which she highlighted three reasons for retreating from social media. Setting boundaries and expectations for social media, in today’s world, can be extremely difficult, especially for the younger generation. Sonja describes the impacts social media can have on our lives and what we can do to control those effects.

Sonja writes,

” There is something youthful, fierce — something extreme — about quitting social media.”

Elaborating, Sonja argues that “Social media is a platform on which people are asked to do more than just be themselves; they are asked to publicly perform their identities”. Other reasons argued are the vulnerability of personal data and the protection of our children from the consequences of interacting with social media such as cyberbullying. Sonja states that “As reported by CNBC Tech, new research by the Royal Society for Public Health suggests that Instagram and Snapchat are the most damaging social media platforms with regard to the mental health of young people.” To read Sonja’s blog post in its entirety, click here.




Featured image by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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