Lecture 7 - Women, men, fishing, and coastlines

Presentations by Kemi Fuentes-George and Mez Baker-Medard

Lecture 6 - The challenge of marine pollution

The science, new approaches to global/regional governance and cooperation in tackling land-based sources of pollution, entrepreneurial approaches to finding substitutes for plastic. Presentations by Kara Lavender Law, Patrick Cotter, and Daniella Russo Dimitrova

Lecture 5 - Ian Barrows

Politics: Water and Empire: the role of navigation (oceanic and riverine) in the creation of the British Raj and modern South Asia.

Lecture 4 - Lyuba Zarsky

Professor Zarsky discusses water as a commons, as input for human welfare; global distribution of water use; industry distribution and key role of water in agriculture/food.

Lecture 3 - Dan Brayton

Professor Dan Brayton discusses the aesthetic and symbolic values of water in Steinbeck’s Cannery Row.

Lecture 2 - Laurie Patton

President Laurie Patton discusses water as purifier, as (social) unifier, as sacred, water in religious traditions, Water in south Asia (Ganges), water and indigenous people, water in a Buddhist frame. 

Lecture 1 - Peter Ryan

Middlebury professor Peter Ryan discusses the importance of water in sustaining human life, how climate change is affecting the global hydrological cycle, and his research on water contaminants, specifically arsenic in Vermont wells.