Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice, or CoP, is a digital space where people who share a common interest or professional practice can connect and communicate. Communities of Practice provide members with the opportunity to share resources, discuss ideas, support each other, attend trainings, exchange materials, and form a community. Communities of Practice are particularly meaningful for participants who are not co-located, in that the CoP can connect individuals across time and space to form vibrant, supportive and interactive communities.

The School of Spanish is developing an interactive Community of Practice for teachers of Spanish as a second language. This community provides Spanish teachers with resources to support their teaching as well as with forums where they can exchange ideas and materials to further their professional development.
The School of Russian’s Community Learning site is a web space designed specifically for students of Russian who wish to continue to practice their Russian language skills. On this site, members can join virtual conversation rooms, send and receive messages from other members, and access resources for the continuation of Russian language studies.
Across the institution, Middlebury is home to an abundance of language teaching expertise. From the Undergraduate College to the Language Schools to the many Schools Abroad, Middlebury cultivates and innovates in language instruction. The Language Teaching Community of Practice is a space for language teachers from across the institution to come together and form a community of expertise.
The Office of Digital Learning is developing an open Community of Practice to discuss and connect around the ideas of digital citizenship, inclusion, the embodiment of digital space, and the creation and ownership of digital identity. The CoP will include discussion forums, resources, a hub for sharing and inspiration, and an open space to connect around digital learning.
The School of Hebrew’s interactive Community of Practice is designed to support teachers of Hebrew at the Summer Language Schools. The CoP provides resources for teaching, a venue to exchange materials and support, discussion forums, a blog, and communication tools to bring members together from across the globe before their arrival in Middlebury.