Language Schools: In-Language Websites

Many of the Language Schools at Middlebury have created a dedicated “in-language” web presence for their students to use while enrolled in language programs. In-language websites contain information students need to access, but provide to students this information entirely in the target language. In so doing, in-language websites help to underscore the immersive language experience that students undergo when enrolled in the Middlebury Language Schools. Using WordPress installations on MiddCreate, the Office of Digital Learning has supported the language schools to develop robust in-language sites where students can access information they need while continuing their language learning experience.

The School of French developed a dynamic in-language website for participants in the School of French. This site provides users with resources, news, images, and a calendar of events. It also syndicates blog posts from the School’s in-language news publication La Gazette. 
The School of Russian in-language site is a communicative web space all in Russian designed for use by students at Middlebury’s Russian School. The site features a calendar of events and other helpful resources for Middlebury’s summer students of Russian. 
Middlebury’s Chinese School offers its students a news site created in Chinese for students at their summer language program. The site includes announcements, events, reminders and helpful news for Chinese language students at Middlebury.
The School of Spanish is in the process of developing an in-language website for participants in the School of Spanish. This site will provide users with announcements of upcoming events, interviews with faculty, poetry and artwork, video streams, photos, and a calendar. This site will also contain a digital version of the the School’s in-language news publication El Boletín.