Pre-immersion experiences

Immersion is a defining characteristic of Middlebury’s Language Schools and Schools Abroad. As such, supporting immersion should remain a key focus of curricular and course projects that involve digital technologies. The Pre-immersion Experiences projects aim to support and enhance students’ immersion experiences by providing digital pre-immersion learning resources and interactions.

The pre-immersion site created for the Davis School of Russian helps students prepare for their immersion experience in Russian by offering an introduction to the cyrillic alphabet and exercises to practice using it. The site also includes an original video about the Language Pledge, as well as live discussions between faculty and students in the program.
The School in Italy pre-immersion site offers resources to support students’ adjustment to their new study abroad environment and to encourage students to engage meaningfully during their time abroad. To that end, this interactive digital space provides language-learning and cultural awareness raising opportunities to help students make the most of their experience in Italy.
The School of Korean’s pre-immersion site offers students language lessons to jump-start their study of Korean before their immersion experience begins. The instruction consists of an introduction to the Korean alphabet, including vowels, consonants, and typing. The instruction also includes training in pronunciation and usage of key expressions in Korean, all of which aim to support students to augment their Korean language-learning while attending the School of Korean.
The School of Japanese pre-immersion site provides students with the opportunity to learn to read and write Japanese characters, understand basic Japanese greetings, and understand basic Japanese classroom expressions. The site includes interactive exercises to help students become familiar with and practice their new language skills before beginning their Japanese immersion experience at the School of Japanese.