Blockchain for Education explained by Audrey Watters [...]

We hear constant references to the potential impact of blockchain for education, but what does that mean?

Audrey Watters took on this question in an introductory (but quite comprehensive for something that's introductory) look at blockchain and its uses for education.

After defining and describing blockchain (worth a read because Audrey always follows the history and the money with a much-needed critical lens), Audrey talks about how blockchain is being brought to education:

And to be clear, most of what we’re hearing right now about the blockchain and education is precisely that: marketing. There are only a very, very few organizations currently utilizing the blockchain for educational purposes, although many claim they’re actively exploring the possibility.

Blockchain is currently being heralded for potential in certification of learning:

the video hits on many of the key themes that are echoed across various other education-related blockchain discussions – that is to say, the blockchain could be utilized to better manage assessments, credentials, and transcripts.


This whole thing reeks of Learnification

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