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Our colleagues at the Digital Learning Commons at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey have been exploring and blogging about MiddCreate, Middlebury’s domain of one’s own environment. Take a look at their most recent posts:

Dive into MiddCreate Applications Recap

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Clarissa and Evelyn explore various applications on MiddCreate, including Docuwiki, vTiger, Collabtiv, Lime Survey, Known, and Omeka. Read the full post here.

How to Be Secure on the Web

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“Managing your own content means you must also take responsibility for the security of your sites. It’s tempting to procrastinate about web security because let’s be honest, it seems tedious and boring…Being proactive about web safety can help you avoid the unpleasant experience of being hacked, saving you a ton of time and trouble.” Read the full post here.

Expanding MiddCreate with Open Source Apps


“One of the great things about having your own domain is the power to manage your own files. This means you can endlessly expand the utility of your domain by installing any application that will run on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, which is what we use for MiddCreate.” Read the full post here.

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