Discussion Forum 2.0: A Workshop in the Wilson Media Lab

Join us on Thursday, April 6 at 1:30PM Eastern for a special workshop in the Wilson Media Lab focused on using digital annotation in classrooms and online. Digital annotation—a technology that allows us to annotate documents and web pages from inside a browser window or inside Canvas—is an alternative to online discussion forums, which can often be hard to make lively and interesting.

This workshop explores collaborative web annotation as a core digital pedagogical practice in the 21st century classroom. This emergent technology enables everyday Internet users to comment on or publicly discuss any web page. It can be applied in education to teach students traditional literacy skills and newer forms of digital literacy. Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience with an open-source, standards-based annotation client, Hypothes.is, and receive guidance on using Hypothes.is in WordPress, Canvas, and on the open Web.

Jeremy Dean, the Education Director at Hypothes.is, will lead the discussion. The workshop will be open to everyone—students, faculty, and staff alike—and will utilize Zoom video conferencing to include participants from our Monterey campus. The Office of Digital Learning, in collaboration with the Academic Technology Group and the Digital Learning Commons, is honored to host the workshop; the Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) group will provide snacks.

Mark your calendars for April 6 at 1:30PM ET / 10:30AM PT for this interactive, hands-on workshop!


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