This Week in ODL: Oct 16-20, 2017

Green Screen Video Shoot Success!

On October 10, the Office of Digital Learning successfully carried out our first language-learning green screen video shoot! The purpose of the shoot was to capture footage that will be used in a series of short instructional videos which will appear on the School in India’s pre-immersion language-learning site, which is in the process of being built on MiddCreate by Sonja Burrows in collaboration with Vinita Tripathi of the School of India and Bill Mayers of Study Abroad. The videos will instruct novice-level language learners of Hindi in the pronunciation of the letters and sounds of the Hindi alphabet.

Joe DeFelice of Media Services puts the final touches on the ODL’s green screen mobile studio.

The ODL is grateful for the support of Joe DeFelice of Media Services, who orchestrated a complicated set-up of the ODL’s mobile green screen materials, as well as the task of taking the actual footage. Now that the shoot is complete, we look forward to the next task of editing and adding animations to support the completion of these instructional videos.

Amy Collier Presents on Digital Sanctuary at OpenEd 

The ODL’s Amy Collier presented on digital sanctuary at the OpenEd conference last week with Adam Croom of the University of Oklahoma, Daniel Lynds  of Davidson College, and Jim Luke of Lansing Community College.

Together, Amy and her colleagues discussed how digital sanctuary, modeled on the sanctuary city and campus movement, asks universities and colleges to seriously question their student data practices, policies, and systems. Rather than assuming that our closed student data systems are safest for our students, digital sanctuary demands a more nuanced look at the dangers.

In this session, the presenters discussed how their domains projects are encouraging conversations about student risk and agency, and how both closed and open environments at institutions impact our understanding of that risk and agency. The presenters encouraged attendees to ask what we might learn about protecting our students through our domains projects, and how we can work together across institutions to advocate for more principled data practices, policies, systems, and curricula.

Sean Michael Morris Departs Middlebury

The Office of Digital Learning has bittersweet news to share with our readers: Instructional designer Sean Michael Morris has accepted a position at the University of Mary Washington. His last day with the Office of Digital Learning was Friday, October 13.

We will miss Sean and his irreplaceable expertise, but are happy that he will have the opportunity to pursue exciting new professional adventures. The ODL wishes Sean the very best in the next step of his career.



Featured image by Marko Blazevic on Unsplash

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