This Week in ODL: Oct 23-27, 2017

Portuguese Hub Site Development

Parque das Aves, Brazil

The Office of Digital Learning, led by Sonja Burrows, has been working on an inspiring new project for Portuguese language study at Middlebury which joins together expertise from across the institution, including the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Portuguese Summer Language School, the Schools Abroad, and the Portuguese Translation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

This new project is the creation of a digital hub and community language-learning site, created using WordPress on MiddCreate,  which will support all students of Portuguese at Middlebury. The hub will include a modular path of language study that crosses the programs, a student blog area, a self-study language learning area, and a list of resources. It will also provide information about how students can participate in Middlebury’s diverse Portuguese programs and offer a place for Middlebury students across those programs to connect around their shared interest in the language, and where they can stay up-to-date with Portuguese/Brazilian culture and news. The ODL is enjoying incoroprating some new functionalities into this hub as well, such as an interactive landing page image leading site visitors along the path.

We expect the Portuguese hub to launch in 2018.

BOLD Women’s Leadership Network

BOLD Blog Newsfeed, Community Hub

The ODL is ready to support Cohort 2 of the BOLD program. The BOLD Women’s Leadership Network is an intergenerational initiative across four institutions of higher education, including Middlebury College. The BOLD Network provides scholarships and professional development opportunities to outstanding women student leaders from all backgrounds, especially those who have been significantly underrepresented in higher education in terms of socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, and ability. It is focused on developing courageous leadership among college women who possess the skills necessary to move discourse forward on some of our nation’s most challenging social issues.

The ODL began our support of BOLD last year by creating an online digital community where scholars from the first cohort could connect with one another and share their thoughts and reflections on a community hub site. This site also a space where scholars and mentors could join online groups that were specifically designed for their immersion experiences.  This year, we are delighted to continue this support by creating spaces for the next cohort of scholars. We encourage you to check the BOLD blogs newsfeed to see how digital spaces built by the ODL on MiddCreate can help form community, connect scholarship, and expand networked learning experiences.

IRIS Course – Spring 2018

Amy Collier is developing a course with Professor Netta Avineri (MIIS, TESOL/TFL) and Professor Dana Yeaton (Middlebury College, Theater) called “Intercultural Rhetoric Inquiry Space” (IRIS) that will be offered in spring 2018. The course builds on two of Middlebury’s strategic distinctions–intercultural competence, and persuasive communication and influential expression–by helping students to listen, speak, advocate, and persuade with sensitivity to intercultural differences and perspectives, both in face to face settings and in digital spaces. The course will provide experiential opportunities for using intercultural rhetoric to enact social change, prepare students to engage and have influence in a variety of social contexts, and build students’ digital skills to be critical users and creators in multimodal spaces.

We encourage you to check out the website ODL built in January to provide information and resources about the spring 2017 President’s Course entitled Water in an Insecure World: Symbol, Resource, or Commodity? Participants studied water through various lenses, including science, religion, literature, economics, and politics. Check out the lecture videos which treat topics such as the challenge of marine pollution, the role of navigation in the creation of the British Raj and modern South Asia, and global distribution of water use, among others.

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