This Week in ODL: Nov 6-10, 2017

MiddCreate/DoOO Research

Alfredo Torres, one of ODL’s interns has been researching Middlebury’s adoption of the Domain of One’s Own Initiative, MiddCreate. MiddCreate allows Middlebury students, faculty, and staff to create a personal web subdomain. In that web space, users can design and create spaces of almost unlimited possibilities, including installing various applications and content management systems, setting up subdomains, and installing databases. You can read more about the possibilities of MiddCreate and differences between it and our hosted blog environments on our blog.

Alfredo’s aim is to develop an argument or platform from a student’s perspective about why this project and implementation is important to Middlebury. He has been in contact with Catherine Rose, a graduate student of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, from which he has collected a list of existing MiddCreate sites and obtained the responses of a short survey about MiddCreate that was sent in the past. Alfredo has also been conducting interviews with students here at Middlebury College who have a MiddCreate site.

Alfredo has another meeting scheduled for this week from which he hopes to get more insight into how students across all Middlebury institutions are utilizing MiddCreate.


La Enseñanza del Español

The Spanish teaching Community of Practice owned by the Middlebury’s School of Spanish has recently undergone some changes for its’ year two iteration. This interactive CoP was developed for teachers of Spanish as a second language. It provides Spanish teachers with resources to support their teaching as well as with forums where they can exchange ideas and materials to further their professional development. Grecia Chirinos Delgado, the School of Spanish’s Graduate Tech Fellow, has instituted a few structural changes to the CoP with the ODL’s support; specifically, the organization and functionality have been simplified for ease of use and navigation for users.

Grecia has reorganized the resources section of the CoP and renamed it “De profesores para profesores” and has set up content for easy navigation. Additionally, Grecia has simplified the “Conexiones” section so that members of the site can easily access an activity feed to stay abreast of site-wide activity.

The ODL is proud of Grecia’s great work on this MiddCreate site and is happy to support the new iteration of this community space.


Vision and Ideation Meeting

Associate Provost for Digital Learning Amy Collier recently held the first meeting of the new unified group of digital learning specialists at Middlebury. At this meeting, members of the soon-to-be-united groups from the Office of Digital Learning, the Academic Technology Group, and the Digital Learning Commons met to discuss the vision and goals for the organization.

The unification of these groups will officially commence after the new year, but we have already begun to reconfigure roles to align with Middlebury’s new strategic framework. We are excited to bring together expertise from across Middlebury’s campuses to support meaningful and strategic digital learning across the institution.





Featured image by Harli Marten on Unsplash

Office of Digital Learning

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