Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning

“We need practices that acknowledge and work with complexity to help us stay open to what may be genuinely surprising about what happens when online learning and teaching meets emerging technologies.”





Sonja Burrows, Instructional Designer

“The key for me is the human in the digital. Digital learning is about people. It’s about human beings thinking, processing, sharing ideas, making connections, and crafting meaning from the information they have around them. Technology bears witness but its presence is peripheral.”



Nadani Dixon, ODL Intern

Nadani lived her entire life on the island of Jamaica and in seeking a liberal arts education for intellectual and personal growth, was led to Middlebury College. Here at Midd, she’s pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Computer Science in an effort to join her two academic interests. Nadani is also very much interested in the arts and hopes that someday she will be able to meaningfully bridge the gap of arts and sciences as she feels that dance has afforded her the opportunity to understand and appreciate the views and beliefs of others. At the Office of Digital Learning, Nadani has designed and built the Study Abroad Contest page, and developed a museum app. She also researches MiddCreate, Middlebury’s Domain of One’s Own initiative.


Jose Alfredo Torres, ODL Intern

Alfredo is an International student from Costa Rica. He grew up in the mountains of Parque Nacional Los Quetzales and his curiosity for technology, as well as his passion for social change brought him to Middlebury College where he is majoring in Film and Media Culture. Some of his interests include social entrepreneurship, media and communication, women and girls empowerment, microfinance, sustainable design, languages and art and visual culture. At the Office of Digital Learning, Alfredo does research on MiddCreate, Middlebury’s the Domain of One’s Own initiative. He also works on critical instructional design, Wordpress training, and digital learning.