Community Hubs & Syndication Sites

The Office of Digital Learning has developed a series of community hub sites which serve as active, mobile-friendly, digital communities where scholars from Middlebury and beyond share ideas, form connections, and develop scholarship. These digital spaces also serve as a connection point by syndicating member posts and providing a one-stop news feed of member-authored blogs.

Using MiddCreate blogs, students in the FoodWorks program developed personal sites where they reflect on, represent, and share experiences from their internships in Kentucky, DC, or Vermont.
The Community Hub site created for the BOLD program helps scholars from Middlebury, Rutgers, Cal State Fullerton, and Smith share ideas, form connections, and  develop transformational project plans.
The digital presence for the Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship provides to recipients a robust offering of resources, a calendar of events, a syndication of recipient blog posts, and a comprehensive listing of CSE staff and recipients.
The hub will provide information about how students can participate in Middlebury’s diverse Portuguese programs.
The Bread Loaf Next Generation Leadership Network is a community hub where students, teachers and mentors can connect from across multiple locations around their membership of and work within the youth opportunity and learning program.
What’s the Story Kentucky is the web space associated with the Kentucky Youth Social Action Team as part of the Bread Loaf Next Generation Leadership Network. On this hub, members of the Kentucky Social Action team can connect, write, share, and grow together.
What’s The Story is a digital space to support a year-long course for Vermont middle and high school students sponsored by Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. It provides students with the tools, resources, and expertise to work with peers across Vermont to influence social issues. Students conduct significant research and use cutting-edge media kits to document and tell their stories in ways that will impact positive change. What’s the Story is a digital environment where participating student blogs are syndicated in a centralized location.