Course Sites

Write Like a Scientist is a new iteration of an interactive, online scientific writing guide under development by Molly Costanza-Robinson of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Program for Environmental Studies.
The President’s Course is convened by Laurie Patton, President of Middlebury, and is taught by faculty from across Middlebury’s programs. The course addresses important and “wicked” issues from interdisciplinary perspectives and creates a diverse learning environment by including students from Middlebury’s undergraduate and graduate programs. The President’s Course is offered for credit to current enrolled Middlebury and MIIS students only. 
Cultural Portfolio: Reflection is a course taught by Dr. Sanae Eda, PhD, the director of Middlebury’s School in Japan. ODL created a digital course site where students in the Cultural Portfolio course can access a syllabus, assignments, a social network community, and a syndicated list of blog posts associated with the course. Blog posts created by students comprise each student’s cultural portfolio, a purposeful collection of student work that tells the story of the student’s efforts, progress, or achievement while studying abroad in Japan.