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My name is Amy and I am a podcast addict. Feels good to admit it.

I listen to podcasts when I’m traveling (nothing keeps me calm on a bumpy flight like Krista Tippett’s voice). I  listen in the car when I am driving to the big city of Burlington for supplies. I listen when I’m vacuuming (always Neil deGrasse Tyson when I’m vacuuming). We listen together as a family when we’re making dinner (my son’s favorites are Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Myths & Legends).

Are you not very excited about podcasts? Perhaps Dr. Gardner Campbell can help:

Here is a link to the article Gardner mentions about Podcasting in Education.

Ready to start listening? Lucky for you, there are some truly excellent podcasts out there for educators. Here are some of my favorites:

Teaching in Higher Education – hosted by Bonnie Stachowiack
Bonnie talks with educators about a variety of issues in education. Check out yours truly and APDL instructional designer Sean Michael Morris on the podcast.

HybridPod – hosted by Chris Friend
Besides having a great voice for radio, Chris hosts a great conversation. Check out this episode on play in education.

On Being – hosted by Krista Tippett
I cannot pick a favorite episode, so here are a few I’ve listened to recently: Beyond the Ivory Tower; The Intelligence in All Kinds of Work; Beauty in Banjo and in Life; Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital Age.

StarTalk Radio – hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson
SCIENCE! I especially enjoyed the two-part series featuring NGT’s interview with Edward Snowden.

99% Invisible – hosted by Roman Mars (great name, right?)
Nice, short podcasts about the hidden history and design of everyday things. There are some very cool stories here, like Hard to Love a Brute about brutalist architecture, and Of Mice and Men about Doug Engelbart’s invention of the computer mouse.

Don’t tell anyone, but I also love The West Wing weekly. But that’s not about education.

Are you a podcast addict? Share some of your favorites in the comments section below.

Funny story: We were having  a conversation with our son at dinner one night. He was probably 5 or so at the time. We asked him, “If you could invite a famous person to your birthday party, who would you invite?” He said, with his best Carl Kasell impression, “Peeeeeeeeter Sagal, of course!” It was a proud moment for us.

Dad’s Radio image by Alan Levine, CC-BY 2.0

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